Employing people with disabilities can be an alternative that meets your employee needs as well as assures the success of the employee. Area Residential Care offers employers several ways to meet your labor needs while also allowing over 200 people with disabilities to participate in the workforce. Both the employer and employee receive customized support from the agency that is needed for successful employment.

In-Facility Contract Labor

Area Residential Care can help your business with a variety of labor needs including small assembly, packaging, collating, and specialty products. We guarantee the quality of our finished products with on-time delivery. All types of work will be considered.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced hiring, training, and replacement costs.

  • Reduced reliance on expensive temporary services or overtime of regular employees.

  • Reduced benefits cost

  • Increased efficiency in the use of available labor resources

Crews at Your Business

The agency can provide a work crew for your business. The crews are staffed by persons with disabilities and work under the close supervision of an agency crew foreman. These crews complete work including cleaning, assembly, packaging, recycling, salvage, clerical, laundry, and service technician work. Area Residential Care handles training and all payroll, liability, and workers’ compensation issues. A work crew at your business not only provides high-quality work for your organization but also gives people with disabilities an opportunity to work in area business environments with more independence.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced labor overhead.

  • Alleviation of labor shortages.

  • Increased efficiency in the use of available labor resources

  • Enthusiastic employees supported by staff from Area Residential Care.

Placement and Supported Employment

Area Residential Care offers a workforce of people with disabilities who are ready to be employed at your business. The agency will provide training and support for the employee as long as it is required.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced hiring costs and reduced employee turnover.

  • Skilled job coaches do initial training and follow up as needed, at no cost to you.

  • Area Residential Care provides free technical assistance on ADA accommodation issues.

  • Enthusiastic employees supported by staff from Area Residential Care.

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