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We offer several different employment training and placement options. These options include in-facility work, assembly type jobs; community-based enclave and work crews; and community-based employment with a job coach. Area Residential Care will connect individuals with jobs in the community through job placement assistance and job coaching in the Dubuque and Dyersville communities.

In-facility Work

Within the Dubuque main building, the agency operates sub-contract, value-added employment and training opportunities for persons with significant vocational barriers. The work done is performed by program participants under staff supervision ratios that are 1 to 2 or greater, and generally involves bench-work types of jobs that require minimal physical exertion. Participants earn a paycheck generally based on the number of pieces of the assigned task that they complete within their work day. Participation in the program is limited to persons with disabilities who have ICF/ID funding or private, non-governmental funding.

Supported/Community Employment Enclaves

Enclaves are utilized as a training tool in which a group of workers with disabilities reports to local community business and performs work at that site, alongside other employees of the business. One or two staff members of Area Residential Care supervise each enclave during the entire shift. They serve as the liaison between the agency, the business owner and the workers. Varying levels of independence are required depending on the type of enclave and the number of workers employed.

Mobile Work Crews

Mobile work crews generally consist of 4 to 8 workers with disabilities and a staff member/crew foreman. The crews work at a number of businesses each day. Mobile crew tasks generally involve cleaning, janitorial, or grounds maintenance type of activities, but can be adapted to other business labor needs. Crew members work semi-independently with the assistance of the crew foreman, building skills toward a more independent job in the future.

Individual Supported Employment

These employment opportunities are integrated within the community in a wide variety of work environments. Agency paid or agency staff job coaches are assigned to each worker to provide one-on-one training on each job task. As the worker increases his or her skill level, natural work environment supports are phased in and direct job coaching is phased out.

Competitive Placement

Participants are assisted in obtaining jobs in the community with local employers by agency staff. Once the participant starts working, the job coaching staff will be available as needed.

For a price quote or more information on any of the specialty products services, please contact our Vocational Department at 563.556.7560.

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