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Area Residential Care’s LifeChoices Adult Day Services are coordinated programs of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based group setting. Our services provide a safe place for adults who would like to remain in the community and with their family, but cannot be home alone during the day due to physical, social or cognitive impairments.

LifeChoices Adult Day SERVICES

Area Residential Care offers day habilitation services, which assist individuals in developing or maintaining life skills and community integration. Services are designed to enhance the individual’s intellectual functioning, physical and emotional health, and development, language and communication development, functional skill development, responsibility and self-direction, daily living skills, mobility, self-advocacy, and socialization.

As decided by each individual, activities available in the day habilitation program may include:

  • Community volunteer opportunities, with emphasis on integration

  • Community integration opportunities, including socialization, exercise, art, history, and nature outings

  • A fitness room or a trip to a local fitness center

  • A computer room or a trip to the local library

  • A training kitchen

  • A sensory room

  • Art/music appreciation activities

  • Assistance administering medications

To learn more about the Life Choices Adult Day Services and how you can apply,

call 563.556.7560 or email

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