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Weekend instructor

Essential Job Functions:

  • Ability to comprehend basic medical and life-skill programs
  • Ability to observe others working

  • Ability to read instructions and behavior plans

  • Ability to write legibly to clearly document contact notes and incident reports 

  • Basic computer ability to input consumer data

  • Mathematically able to budget and balance a checkbook 

  • Ability to lift / transfer 20lbs regularly and occasional lift up to 50lbs 

  • Must be able to physically prompt, escort, and physically restrain individuals served

  • Ability to walk unsupported and stand unsupported to assist individuals with disabilities

  • Completion of agency sponsored training to obtain certification for passing medication after 6 months

Job Summary:
The Instructor carries out the rewarding work of supporting individuals with intellectual and sometimes physical disabilities in their daily activities. This person is dedicated to making an impact by helping individuals achieve their highest quality of life.

Primary Job Duties:

  • Trains, instructs, and supervises individuals served in the skills, behaviors, and activities of daily living necessary to live in natural home, vocational, and community settings. 
  • Consistently ensures that active treatment (programming) is regularly completed for each person served during all times of day to support individual growth

  • Assists individuals as assigned with personal money management and in learning the skills to manage their money independently. This may include assisting them to balance their checkbooks, monitor their resources, and to access public assistance for housing, food, utilities, rent reimbursement, tax preparation, etc. 

  • Constantly ensures that individuals practice personal rights. 

  • Completes overall cleaning and general care of the home, including care of floors, bathrooms, appliances according to cleaning lists.

Leadership and Team Building:

  • Actively mentors and trains new team members
  • Manages the stress associated with training and working with individuals who may occasionally exhibit aggressive and/or non-compliant behaviors. 

  • Remains positive and in control; follows through in emergency situations without the presence of supervision. 

  • Attends departmental and agency meetings and training as requested by his/her supervisor. 

  • Remains productive with minimal supervision. 

Health and Safety:

  • Constantly monitors health and safety conditions in each individual’s environment and trains him/her in healthy/safe practices. 
  • Uses a variety of techniques to modify behavior within the home, including physical restraint if necessary. 

  • Completes emergency drills and environmental safety inspections according to agency timelines. 

  • Passes medications to individuals served following all policies and procedures after completing agency sponsored training.

Verbal and Written Communication:

  • Maintains positive, professional relationships and effective communication with individuals served, agency staff, members of the community, service providers, and participants. 
  • Provides documentation (logs/contact notes, program data, incident reports, etc.) on the activities of people living in the home or at each location according to established timelines. 

  • Prepares assessments and other paperwork for team planning meetings and participates in those meetings as assigned. 

  • Completes work orders, drill logs, menus, grocery lists and more as appropriate to maintain an operational home environment

  • Keeps supervisor informed and up to date of schedule changes, consumer and environmental concerns


  • Is flexible to adjust schedule to accommodate individuals’ concerns and needs as well as staffing requirements of the home(s) or assigned location
  • Stays up to date on required training

  • Assures data is recorded promptly and accurately. 

  • Uses work time efficiently

  • Maintains good attendance and timeliness

  • Follows all agency policies, procedures, and work rules

Working Relationships:

  • Reports directly to a Supervisor. May receive direction from a Lead Instructor, IPC, or QIDP
  • Positions that report to the Instructor: None

  • At any time, may work alone or with other Instructor and/or a Lead Instructor

  • Interacts regularly with other agency members which may include: nursing, facilities, bookkeeping 

  • Serves as a member of each individual’s team, participating in individual program planning meetings.

Hours/Days of Work and Working Conditions:
Weekend Instructors may work any open hours between Friday at 12pm through Monday at 8am. Must commit to a minimum 16 hours every-other weekend. Work is in a community living home and involves activities in the community.

Equipment Used to Perform the Job:
Adaptive equipment for individuals served (wheelchairs, communication devices, prosthetic equipment, mealtime equipment, etc.); miscellaneous cleaning equipment and supplies such as mops, brooms, and cleaning agents; all major household appliances such as stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer, other small household appliances; whirlpool; miscellaneous office equipment such as telephone, answering machine, and calculator; and agency vehicles.

Area Residential Care is an Equal Opportunity Employer.